A Polite Primer

Conceived on a Ferris wheel, gestated painfully in the sweltering East, birthed to little fanfare and nonexistent expectations, Polite is a print journal of arcana, deadpannery, and cultural criticism, nominally dedicated to the examination and deconstruction of that which vulgarians dub "the American dream." It is generally interesting and rarely available.

Polite is published about two or three times per year, printed and saddle-stitched with a four-color glossy cover by Morgan Printing of Grafton, N.D., and distributed by Ubiquity Distributors of Brooklyn, N.Y., Don Olson Distribution of Minneapolis, Minn, Emma Marian Ltd. of Richmond, British Columbia, and the Kent News Co. of Commerce City, Colo. Its editor and main functionary is Justin Peters. W.J. Greggs, Daniel Luzer, and Joshua N. Young are features editors, while James J. Linx is the Web editor. Contributing editors include Tom Acropolis, Matthew Demblowski, Matthew Harwood, and Toby Warner, who is also Polite's co-founder.

Please address all general inquiries about the magazine to editors @ politemag dot com. If you are interested in distributing, stocking, or advertising in Polite, please contact Robin Zinter at biz @ politemag dot com.

"Vanity, not avarice, is my ruling passion; and so long as young men write to me from America saying that they would rather part with their hair than with their copy of my book, I do not feel the need of food and drink." --A.E. Housman, soon before dying of anorexia.